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cheap jordans shoes online The “big gold watch” ME X Air Jordan 1 “Fearless”, which was released two days ago, dazzled many shoe fans with its pompous and novel creativity.

Disco Ball Air Jordan 1 Mid Disco Ball Disco Ball, Disco Ball, Disco Ball, Disco Ball, Disco Ball

True to its name, this color match is inspired by Disco ball design. The upper is made of latticed pattern reflective hot silver material. The whole body is highly reflective and extremely grandiose.

According to previous sources, the retro jordans for sale mens shoes could be released in February as a homage to the Academy Awards.

Interested partners can continue to pay attention to our information, we will be the first time to bring follow-up reports.

While the classic black and red Air Jordan 1 has been a long time coming, new black and red inspired colors are popping up all the time.

Although different from OG shape, this kind of color matching can’t be wrong, let alone the upper foot.

Recently, I discovered a new Air very similar to the classic black and red Air Jordan 1.

The Air Jordan 1 React reacts with a similar color distribution to the classic black and red, with black accents paired with red Swoosh and shoe tips.

The overall shape is somewhat similar to OG Air Jordan 1, but does it look thicker in material? It feels like outdoor boots.

Swoosh is more avant-garde in its three-dimensional design.

The unique texture of the midsole indicates that it’s equipped with React and shock technology, and the sense of feet is far better than the traditional Air Jordan 1.

Air Jordan 1 React “Noble Red”

The off-White X Air Jordan 1, the starting point of the recent shoe craze, is finally getting a new color!

Recently, an off-white X Air Jordan 1 with WHITE and yellow color has been exposed time and time again. The physical picture & the real photo of the upper foot show its attractive charm from various angles.

Still continuing THE classic design language of THE TEN, many recognizably high OW X Nike elements are available.

And white and yellow collocation, not only relaxed and energetic, still have striking effect more!

Virgil responded in person, under the supreme_leaks_news account, and expressed his vague but unmistakable sense that there was nothing here…

There’s also an image of the Zip Tie clasp, which reveals the word “2020,” and another side piece of evidence that it will be available next year. .

The Off-White X Air Jordan 1 has been one of the most closely watched pieces in the shoe market, with several previous versions of the color palette continuing to hold up despite a sharp fall and rise.

And this pair of white and yellow new products also have a fresh visual experience, if sold, will reproduce the grand situation of the sale of thousands of people!

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After “Blue Silk” and “black Silk” were released one after another, The next pair of “Silk” Air Jordan 1 Mid also finally released the release announcement, confirmed that will be officially released next week cheap jordans online usa.
The whole pair of shoes is still made of the classic dark grain silk material with the full vamp. The white silk vamp is paired with black embellish and red outsole, highlighting the Chinese ethos while retaining the classic black, white and red main colors of Jordan shoes.

Swoosh creates a fade-out gradient effect by varying the degree of density in the line makeup spot, as well as a full look.
A copper coin attached to the buckle of the shoelace reveals one’s status. A close inspection can also find the word “Qiao 1” on it, once again pointing out the Theme of Chinese style.
At present, Edison Chen X Air Jordan 1 Mid “Fearless” has officially released the sales preview in Domestic SNKRS, which will be officially released at 9:00 am next Saturday, December 7th.
retro jordans for sale cheap Edison Chen X Air Jordan 1 Mid “Fearless”
Nike SB’s collaboration with the Air Jordan 1 is one of many shoe collaborations this year.

The Nike SB X Air Jordan 1 Low “Desert Ore”, which we have exposed one after another, was rumored to be a hard sell to start with.
Low-top style design, a beige shoe body is very refreshing, left and right foot upper lining with blue and North Carolina blue decoration.

The biggest bright spot is the double layer design of the tear upper. The split inner color should be black and North Carolina blue two-color Mandarin duck design.
Nike SB X Air Jordan 1 Low
This year, Jordan Brand has brought a lot of high-level color matching for the Air Jordan 1 Mid, and the constant exposure also makes the Air Jordan 1 more and more popular.

The new WMNS Air Jordan 1 Mid will be available by the end of the year.

The overall color of the shoes is mainly black and white. The leather shoe surface shows a good visual texture. The black toe design instantly improves the appearance level of the whole pair of shoes.

Joker has draw eyeball bright color ornament again, such match color often can have pretty popular feeling, believe to should be able to impress many girls.

As it is the WMNS specification, it means that the maximum size for domestic sale can be up to 42.5 yards, and the maximum size for foreign sale is 44.5 yards.
Air Jordan 1 Mid WMNS
The Nike SB X Air Jordan 1 scratchpad is one of the hottest shoe collections this year.

The Nike SB X Air Jordan 1 Low, a new color scheme that has been seen many times recently, has been updated with the release information and is expected to be released on December 6 for $120, item NUMBER CJ7891-200.
There is no clear information about the sale in China. Judging from previous sales, this pair should also be available on SNRKS APP at the same time.
Under a light brown uppers, one foot has a white North Carolina color and the other a classic black and blue color. Asymmetric mandarin duck collocation, texture outstanding, high specification.

For fans of the Air Jordan series, north Carolina blue is also an important color in addition to the black, white and red colors that represent Chicago.

The North Carolina Blue Air Jordan comes in many styles, each of which is a favorite of veteran players.

Recently, a white North Carolina Air Jordan 1 Mid official released, the appearance of the super high level of attention.
With white leather as the main body, north card blue is dotted with outsole, upper and Swoosh and flying wing logos.

While white is a fresh and bright color, it works better than other blue tones.

The inner lining is made of silk and satin, which is comfortable and skin-friendly and highlights the delicate style.
Today, the eight-hole Air Jordan Mid also has a high quality color palette higher than the original price. This new Air Jordan Mid is not to be underestimated due to its good appearance and classic theme.
Air Jordan Mid “UNC”

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Due to the impact of the global epidemic, many heavy shoe models have announced the delay. Among them is the Bugs Bunny Air Jordan 6 Hare cheap jordans online mens .

The shoes were previously rumored to have been delayed until June, but this week the SNKRS APP popped up and confirmed that they would be officially released on May 14!

As the release date approaches, well-known sneaker photographer @GC911 has brought us a new collection of photos of the shoes. Not only do they look great, but they also have the same color design as the classic Bugs Bunny Air Jordan 7 retro jordans for sale.

The whole pair of shoes presents the color scheme with the classic logo of bugs Bunny, which is very eye-catching in shape and color matching.

The upper continues the signature gray dress, litchi skin + grain dough skin + bovine leather and other materials to create the shoe body, to show the high specification setting!

The tongue follows the same color graffiti of the Air Jordan 7 and is covered with a translucent opalite material, giving a surprise effect.

The carrot shoe-box that grabs an eye is designed, it is the plus points of whole pair of shoes more, after many friends buy surely can collect well.

At the same time this will come on stage with whole family size form, the wear that satisfies whole family easily builds a demand!

Hundreds of photos of bugs Bunny’s Jordan 6 Hare have surfaced in the past year, but nothing has been confirmed.

After several jump ticket sales, word has it the shoes will go on sale on July 4.

Classic bugs Bunny color scheme, a variety of bright colors appear on the white shoes, the overall style is simple and advanced.

The Air Jordan 6 is a quality look in its own right, and it’s also good for lighter colors in spring and summer, so this new color scheme is likely to be a hit with many shoe fans.

The shoes have never undergone a re-release since their debut in 2006, when they were paired with the Air Jordan 11 in a DMP suit, making their first return to nature a highly anticipated tribute to Michael Jordan’s two-time triple crown.

With a texturized black oxbuck upper and gorgeous gold detailing, the Air Jordan 6 DMP is still a big hit this year.

The Air Jordan 6 DMP is a surprise this year, recreating the details of 2006 in perfect detail, from shoes to accessories.

The number 23 below the heel flinging embroidery and the gold plating on the shoe lift are memorable classic details restored.

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Retro jordan sale website The air jordan 1 low is definitely the main shoe of Jordan Brand this year.
After Guo Allen’s air jordan 5 “Island green” was released, the air jordan 1 low in the same color will also be released in the near future.
Black and white shoes, supplemented by a small fresh breath of lake green dress.
At the same time, the original model of air jordan 1 low is easy to wear and take off with a low top, which is definitely a good commuter shoe.
According to the current news,Cheap jordans online the air jordan 1 low will be available in the near future for $90. Interested friends can search for the product number cq9828-131.
This year, the air jordan 1 Mid has released many new colors, including classic og colors and special designs.
Recently, a very special air jordan 1 Mid se WMNs official picture has just been exposed.
This pair of shoes is based on a white vamp, and the outline of vamp is outlined by black painting. At first glance, it looks a bit like a two-dimensional manuscript.
But this pair of shoes is far more simple than the surface, and there is a mystery under the upper.
The boundary of each structure is made of holographic reflective material, which can present a very dazzling outline effect in dark.
The design of the whole pair of shoes is very cool, which is expected to be the heart of many shoe fans.
At the end of the year, the air jordan 1 Mid released a lot of hard goods one after another. The gold watch me x Air Jordan 1 Mid WMNs “fearless” and the air jordan 1 Mid jointly named by EDC are all popular shoes with higher prices.
Recently, @ solebyjc, a blogger of overseas shoes, exposed a new color air jordan 1 mid “pine green”.
The color matching style is the same as the black green toe color scheme. The upper is decorated with a dark red flying wing logo. The overall texture is very unique.
At present, it has not been confirmed whether this color will be sold in the market. Interested partners can continue to follow our information. We will bring follow-up reports in the first time.
Recently, the chameleon air jordan 1 with zoom cushioning was officially released. This week, the air jordan 1 high zoom revealed a second color photo.
Good looks are loved by many people. Some even say the air jordan 1 looks much better than Dior!
The new color upper features white and light gray, continuing the classic leather upper + nylon sponge tongue.

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In February, cheap high quality jordans the Air Jordan “new beginnings” package with high attention was first sold in the form of snkrs pass in designated cities in the United States.
The Air Jordan “new beginnings” set, composed of nike air ship and air jordan 1, is one of the highest quality shoe sets in recent years.
Both the first air ship and the popular air jordan 1 are featured in classic white and red colors, with a strong retro atmosphere.
The ingenious splicing shoebox is also a highlight of this suit. It is believed that there are not a few people who plan to start with it, but it is said that the sales volume is worrying.
According to the overseas footwear media,cheap jordans for sale the release date of the set is changed to February 15. Meanwhile, Nike has confirmed that the set will not be released online again. At present, the domestic authorities have not released any information, and we will continue to pay attention to it and bring the tracking report in the first time!
Air Jordan “New Beginnings” Pack
In addition to the most popular nine hole air jordan 1, the air jordan 1 low, which is more affordable and colorful, has also been favored by many players.
With white, beige, light grey and light blue, the ultra-low saturation makes the shoes look elegant and fresh.
Although it is low top, it uses high texture materials such as suede, and its specification is no less than that of retro jordans for sale high top air jordan 1.
With leather tag, PRS on behalf of Paris is printed to show the identity of city color.
The reverse black and red air jordan 1 was launched on the official website a few days ago and is expected to go on sale yesterday but did not make its debut as scheduled.
The air jordan 1 “bred” is undoubtedly the most classic air jordan 1 original color, and the reversal and reorganization of the classic color not only retains the og temperament, but also performs a new visual effect.
The whole pair of shoes is made of the frame color of the shoe body in red, and the toe, side and upper auxiliary positions are decorated with black.
The flying wing logo at the upper position is presented with black effect under the red background color, with full eye-catching effect.
Pair it with a white midsole and a red outsole to complete the design.
The upper foot effect of shoes in black and red color is naturally needless to say, eye-catching, and can be coordinated with various styles of pants.
First released in 2006, the black cat air jordan 4 has always been a shoe player’s favorite.
It is the color matching style favored by Chinese players that runs through a black suit, is durable and extremely versatile. So this time, the return of air jordan 4 “black cat” has also attracted a lot of attention.

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New aj11 low will be available next week cheap jordans big kid sizes!
The air jordan 11 low is available every summer, and this year is no exception.
The new kangkou cheap jordans for sale air jordan 11 low “gym red”, which was announced earlier than last month, has been officially launched on snkrs today.
With the simple white base and the color construction style of black patent leather, it looks familiar with Concord color at first sight, classic and durable.
In addition, the white midsole is outlined with a red crystal outsole, which is combined with the patent leather of the black shoe body, and has the visual sense of the classic bred color.
Lower than ankle upper design, higher than normal upper but not a little cooler.
Want to wear the air jordan 11 in summer, this pair of low-end help is worth your consideration!
At present, the air jordan 11 low “gym red” has been put on the shelves in snkrs,retro jordans for sale and will be available at 9:00 a.m. on May 23 (next Saturday). The price is RMB 1399, product No. av2187-160.
This is the whole family size specification. There are also big children, baby children, baby children and other styles on sale. Interested children can click the link below to learn more about the sale details in advance.
Affected by the global epidemic, many heavy shoes have announced the postponement. One of them is the air jordan 6 “hare”.
Previously, it was said that the shoes were delayed to be released in June, but this week snkrs app suddenly went on sale, and it will be officially released on May 14!
With the release date approaching, the famous sneaker photographer @ gc911 also brings us a set of latest physical beautiful pictures. This pair of shoes is not only outstanding in appearance, but also has the same color design as the classic air jordan 7 of Bugs Bunny. It has the inner flavor in an instant!
The whole pair of shoes are presented with the color scheme of the classic logo of Bugs Bunny, and the shape and color are very eye-catching.

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Many pepoles ask us how to get cheap jordans for sale wholesale price online store? and today we will say two style for nike shoes like nike dunk shoes and air jordan 1 pe georgetown that will be online for sale,shoes fans when you like and own yourself them buy them!!!!

Luxury patent leather + special logo! Next year’s all star Dunk High takes the lead!
The Nike Dunk series, which is No.1 in the shoe circle, will be added to the All-Star team next year.
This famous sneaker account @ PY_ Rates took the lead in exposing this Nike Dunk High se “all star weekend” color that will debut next year as an all star.
As can be seen from the rendering, this all star color matching will use black and gray hues to shape the shoe body, leather and patent leather materials to create a high-end luxury texture. Then with the special logo design, it is unprecedented, showing the special identity of color matching.
Nike Dunk High SE “All Star Weekend”
Georgetown University AJ 1 PE low help version exposed! Specifications are still very high!
In April of this year, AJ 1 PE of various university teams was exposed, which made everyone feast their eyes. Among them, the air jordan 1 PE of Georgetown University has become the dream of many shoe collectors with its luxurious materials and low-key colors.
Recently, a AJ 1 low with similar design was exposed on the Internet. The original AJ 1 PE in Georgetown has a low help version.
Similar to the high top, the low top PE color is also presented in white and Georgetown classic dark blue, and the crocodile skin and Pearl fish skin are used in material splicing. The characteristics of the shoes continue the consistent use of materials and special design of College PE shoes, with high texture. However, this color will not be sold, so you can only view the University from a distance everyday.

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Today cheap jordan mens shoes, the black and red Air Jordan 11 “Bred” has opened the exclusive purchase privileges for SNKRS again. This is the second time to open exclusive purchases before the official sale.

Login members in advance on November 18th in the official Chinese WeChat account of Jordan China to make an appointment in advance, cheap jordans for sale and then you will have the opportunity to obtain exclusive purchase rights today. Friends who can get started in advance must be very beautiful.

Last month, the editor has brought you out of the box and foot show in advance. “Bred” and “Concord” are ranked as the most popular color of Air Jordan 11 in popularity.

Compared to “Concord”, which was criticized by everyone for poor workmanship last year, this year’s pair of “Bred” workers received much better workmanship. I believe everyone should not be disappointed if the large goods are also the same specifications.

It is rumored that the global volume of black and red colors this year will also be one million, but considering the extreme popularity of “Bred”, even the popularity is not enough to sell!

Trends change from year to year, and the same goes for sneakers, and every year the shoes are different.

But as long as the end of the year, shoe players will invariably remember the fear of being dominated by retro jordans for sale Air Jordan 11.

This year, in addition to the black and red Air Jordan 11 re-engraved after a lapse of 7 years, there will be a pair of starry Air Jordan 11 “Metallic Silver” coming on Saturday!

With the release date approaching, many sneaker accounts have brought us the latest physical pictures, let’s take a look!

Although it is a version of WMNS specially designed for girls, the maximum size is 44.5. If you are not particularly large, you can wear this accessory.

White as the main tone of the shoe body, under the silver embellishment presents a very bright and vibrant mix, in winter can also show a full of small fresh shapes.

The patented leather part of the conventional color is even more exquisite with the exquisite starry glitter effect, and the gorgeous texture comes out, which is why it is called the starry sky.

The leather texture of the collar and tongue, the silver three-dimensional trapeze Jumpman, the number 23 embroidered heel, these details are made to high specifications, bringing a good high-end feel.

With reference to Air Jordan 11 ’s consistent popularity, the market price of this color is now more than 1,700 yuan, it is really difficult to get the original price. At present, the domestic SNKRS has officially released the sale notice,

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cheap jordans 11 online With the release of the Air Jordan 11 black and red at the end of this year, the color of the “Big Devil” at the end of next year will also usher in the information announcement.

Recently, an effect picture revealed that the Air Jordan 11 at the end of next year turned out to be a color similar to “Kangxi”.

retro jordans for sale A black and white Air Jordan 11 Low was released in 2013. The white patent leather and the white midsole are completely integrated, which is different.

Due to the black-and-white shape, netizens found that they were very similar to the boots worn in the portrait of Lord Kangxi, so it was nicknamed “Kangxi”.

From this rendering, it has the same color distribution as “Kangxi”.

What is special is that the black part seems to have replaced the traditional nylon cloth with leather. Silver leather is added to the heel.

Would you expect it if it was really this color by the end of next year?

It’s the end of the year again, and the days of the Air Jordan 11 sweeping the sneakers are coming!

In addition to the black and red Air Jordan 11 “Bred” re-engraved after a lapse of 7 years, this pair of Air Jordan 11 WMNS “Metallic Silver” is coming soon this Saturday cheap jordans online !

As the release date approaches, the famous sneaker photographer @ gc911 brings us the latest physical pictures. Although it is a WMNS version for girls, the maximum size is 44.5, so boys can also wear it. Also known as the “Starry Sky” Air Jordan 11, not only has a bright and vibrant combination of white and silver, the silver patent leather part is also shown with a delicate and exquisite starry sky effect, absolutely gorgeous! The leather texture of the collar and tongue, the silver three-dimensional trapeze Jumpman, the number 23 embroidered heel, these details are made to high specifications, bringing a good high-end feel. At present, the domestic SNKRS has officially released the notice of sale, which will be officially launched on Saturday, November 30th, Japan at 9 am. The price is ¥ 1299 RMB. Interested friends must be ready to get started.

The black and red Air Jordan 11 that debuted at the end of the year, once again awakened the love of OG players for this classic series.

As one of the few popular models in the Air Jordan’s generation, there will also be a number of fresh color matching debuts next year.

Recently, a new color rendering with a full black shoe body and a white outsole was exposed for the first time. The overall texture looks very cold, which should be the heart of many shoe fans.

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This year cheap jordans black friday 2019, the Jordan brand once again brought the pinnacle of work. The Zoom Air cushioning system is integrated with the first-in-class Eclipse Plate innovation technology. The groundbreaking design makes athletes wearing Air Jordan XXXIV become a unique focus on the field, showing Jordan The unique spirit of the brand.
Retro jordans for sale mens Air Jordan XXXIV “simplifies complexity” in sneaker technology, and the design is full of details that pay tribute to the brand’s classic elements, and each color has a different meaning. In addition to the two starting color schemes, in Beijing, the Jordan brand has just released three new color schemes for the Air Jordan XXXIV. This is the first time that these three new color schemes have debuted globally.
Air Jordan XXXIV Bred
The classic black red white color pays tribute to the moment when Michael Jordan played in the Chicago Bulls, followed by the iconic Nike Air.
Air Jordan XXXIV Blue Void
The color matching and upper design are futuristic, and the heel logo is rectangular Jumpman.
Air Jordan XXXIV Eclipse
The Jumpman solar eclipse design followed by the logo makes this color inspiration obvious. That year Michael Jordan broke through the Detroit Pistons and finally won the championship. It is said that there will always be darkness before dawn. For athletes, the spirit of continuous hard work and never give up can ultimately make greatness.
Air Jordan XXXIV Guo Allen Player Edition
Jordan family member Guo Ailun’s exclusive color matching uses a white-based design, supplemented by light green. His personal creed has always inspired his motto, “Heart goes, body goes” displayed on the insole. The upper is covered with a snow leopard pattern, and the personal logo inspired by ancient Chinese weapons and Jumpman are displayed on the left and right heels respectively, showing Guo Ailun’s impactful side.
Air Jordan XXXIV Amber Rise
Carrying those arena goals that have not yet been reached and still need to be fought for, this color scheme is inspired by the next human landing goal-Mars. The heel logo is presented in a rectangular Nike Air.
It all starts with athletes. The design of the Air Jordan XXXIV is based on the needs of elite athletes and meets the lightweight, comfortable and explosive combat basketball shoes they expect.
The Air Jordan XXXIV Bred color, Amber Rise color and Guo Ailun player color are all available in men’s and older children’s sizes. For more information on the sale of shoes, please pay attention to SNKRS APP (Nike Exclusive Shoes Club) and other official channels of Jordan brand.

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black friday jordans 2019 The Air Jordan 1, which has been popular for two years, will celebrate its 35th anniversary next year, and a new ticket with a very heavy weight will debut. This time, the highly-conscious Miss Sister exclusive Air Jordan 1 “Lucky Green” has updated the release information.

From the renderings, this color is dominated by black and white and green, and the black and white leather stitching of the toe creates a familiar black toe atmosphere. The upper, the heel and the green part of the outsole make the whole fresh and individual.

At the 30th anniversary of the birth of the Air Jordan 4 is definitely one of the most attention and popularity of this year’s shoes mens jordans black friday. From the return of the classic black and red, to the cool gray that appeared again in 15 years, and then to the black cat in the form of joint name, Air Jordan 4 brought us too many surprises this year.

And this surprise will continue, no matter what shoe type is popular what the color, will appear in the Air Jordan 4 shoe type jordans shoes black friday.

Although the details of the physical and the beautiful photos have been released many times, every time I see the Air Jordan 4 “What The” is still amazing.

The whole pair of shoes is mainly white, and the high-quality leather is molded to present a classic elegance. The asymmetrical red and blue design, black friday retro jordans the details of the blend of white cement, Fire Red, and Military Blue are all refreshing.

In addition to the shoes, this time Jordan Brand also brought a matching costume, the color mosaic, the injection of ink splashing elements, but also make the clothing items quite eye-catching.

black friday jordans sale Air Jordan 4 “What The” has released an official preview, which will be released at 9:00 am on November 23, and apparel items are now available for sale.

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Air Jordan VI TD children’s shoes version exposure
Air Jordan VI TD children’s shoes version exposure, the whole family can wear Air Jordan may be a lot of sneaker’s dream, the kids cheap jordans for sale Air Jordan VI TD exposed on the network recently, I believe that meets the wishes of many people. Although it is a children’s shoes, the design is not sloppy. It has the same color as the adult version, the white upper is embellished with ray red, the ice blue crystal bottom and the heel classic heel are all available, but the scale of the reduction is more round and full, very cute. It is reported that this children’s shoes will also be released on February 15 next year, like friends do not miss it.

The second version of the gradient sole, the cheap jordans for sale new Air Jordan 1 Mid GS released, a pair of soles designed to help the special Air Jordan 1, this time immediately released a pair of the same theme Air Jordan 1 Mid, continued the design of the orange gradient, However, the body of the shoe was changed to metallic silver and decorated with pink details.

The gorgeous velvet bow Air Jordan 1 Mid Bow released, Retro jordans for sale Jordan Brand brought a new design element to a GS code Air Jordan 1 Mid, black leather-based, velvet material at the heel, the biggest highlight is the large size of the shoelace The bow, under the burgundy blessing, shows a gorgeous and sweet girl.

Remember that the personal art exhibition “FIGURES OF SPEECH” by Virgil Abloh has previously exhibited many of the sneaker samples that Nike has designed over the past two years? One of the brightest shoes is undoubtedly the Air Jordan 4 with 3 different colors. The Sample’s exposure is what makes fans look forward to Air Jordan’s addition to Air Jordan 1.

According to the latest news from Instagram user @kickwhoshow, it is very likely that the Air Jordan 5 will celebrate its 30th anniversary next year. Off-WhiteTM is likely to work with Jordan Brand to create two new Air Jordan 5s, although it is still not available. Any related spy photos or more information will come out, but if the news is true, the deconstructed design of the modified Air Jordan 5 will undoubtedly be a new generation of hot shoes on the market.